Here’s the simplest way to set your Elementor Landing page as a Homepage for more eyeballs!


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So you’ve created an awesome landing page using Elementor & now you wish to set it as your website homepage.

But sadly, in your Settings > Reading, under homepage display settings, you’re not getting your awesomely designed landing page in the list.

So, you may have just googled for How do I set the Elementor landing as my homepage?

Well, it’s super easy.

Just follow this 5 step guide & get it done within 5 mins.…

5 Easy Steps to Set your Elementor Landing page as a Homepage

Before I begin, please note that I’m expecting that you’ve already created your landing page & just want to set it as your website homepage.

Step 1: Once you're inside your WordPress dashboard, hover over the Templates & Go to the Landing pages option.


Step 2: Select the Landing page that you wish to set as a homepage & then click on Edit with Elementor.

In my case, it’s the Tutor Landing page.


Step 3: Once you’re inside the Elementor editor, from the bottom left, click on Save options & then select “Save as Template”


I’m saving it as “Tutor Landing Home”


Once done, exit the editor & come back to the WordPress dashboard.

Step 4: Now, Go to Pages & then click on Add New to create a new page.

Next, give your desired page name & then click on the “Edit with Elementor” button.


Once you’re inside the elementor editor, click on the folder icon i.e Add Template option.


Next, go to My Templates & select the landing page you wanted & then click on the Insert button.

In my case, it’s “Tutor Landing Home”


Note: A small popup for Import Document settings may appear. If you select yes, the elementor canvas layout will be applied.

But if you want your landing page to contain your header & footer, then go to your page settings & select the full-width layout.

Consider reading:
1) Elementor Canvas vs Full-width + tips on choosing perfect layouts
2) How to Design your WordPress website like a Pro

Once the import is completed, click on the publish button to make your page live. The next step is to exit the dashboard.

Step 5: Go to Settings > Reading and under your homepage displays settings, first select a static page & then click on the dropdown right next to the homepage & select the page you just created & then click on save changes.

For me, it’s Demo Tutorial Page so I’ll select that & click on save changes.


Once done, simply visit your homepage & your goal is now accomplished.

Your landing page is now your website homepage. 

If this short & precise tutorial helped you to set your elementor landing page as a homepage, then a simple comment or a share will be highly appreciated.


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