Here’s the Simplest way to Set Elementor Landing page as Homepage for more Eyeballs & Conversions!

So you’ve created an awesome landing page using Elementor & now you wish to set it as your website homepage. Well, that's a good idea.

But sadly, in your Settings > Reading, under homepage display settings, you’re not getting your awesomely designed landing page in the list.

So, you may have just googled How do I set elementor landing page as homepage?

Are we on the same page? If so, then this is the only guide you'll need to read as the 5 steps mentioned below will help you set elementor page as your front page.

So without further ado, let's dive in…

5 Easy Steps to Set Your Elementor Landing Page as a Homepage

Quick Note: I've enabled the lightbox on all of the images. So, if you're unable to view the image, simply click on it to enlarge it.

Step 1: Once you're inside your WordPress dashboard, hover over the Templates & Go to the “Landing pages” option.


Step 2: Select the Landing page that you wish to set as a homepage & then click on “Edit with Elementor”.

In my case, it’s the (Demo) Tutor Landing page.


Step 3: Once you’re inside the Elementor editor, from the bottom left, click on the Save options & then select “Save as Template


Next, name your Template & then save it. (I’m saving it as Tutor Landing Home)


Once done, exit the editor & come back to the WordPress dashboard.

Step 4: Now, Go to Pages & then click on Add New to create a new page.

Next, give your desired page name & then click on the “Edit with Elementor” button.


Once you’re inside the elementor editor, click on the “folder icon” i.e Add Template option.


Next, go to My Templates & select the landing page you wanted & then click on the Insert button.

In my case, it’s “Tutor Landing Home”


Note: A small popup for Import Document settings may appear. If you select yes, the elementor canvas layout will be applied.

But if you want your landing page to contain your header & footer, then go to your page settings & select the full-width layout.

Consider reading:
1) Elementor Canvas vs Full-width + tips on choosing perfect layouts
2) How to Design your WordPress website like a Pro

Once the import is completed, click on the “publish button” to make your page live. The next step is to exit the dashboard.

Step 5: Go to Settings > Reading and under your homepage displays settings, first select a static page & then click on the dropdown right next to the homepage & select the page you just created & then click on save changes.

For me, it’s Demo Tutorial Page so I’ll select that & click on save changes.


Once done, simply visit your homepage & your goal is now accomplished.

Well done! You've successfully set your Elementor landing page as homepage.

Now if you wish to improve your landing page design, check out these well-designed & ready-to-import elementor landing page templates by Elementskit.

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I hope this short & precise tutorial helped you. Anyway, here's something more from my side.

Along with a little info about your website (& which niche you're in), you can drop your website's Homepage URL in the comments below.

I assure you to approve your comment and provide a backlink to your website.

Also, I'll visit your website and I'll provide feedback (if needed) on what you've done right & what you can improve.

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Don't hesitate to promote your beautifully designed Elementor landing page to like-minded people. Some have already done it, it's your turn now.

Lastly, if you've got any questions or suggestions, feel free to put them in the comments below.


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  1. This is bang-on. Exactly what I was looking for, and what no other article could answer.

    Thanks for the quick relief.

    1. I’m glad it worked for you Nate.
      Your site is nicely built & testimonials are impressive.

      One thing I liked about your site is the clarity you’ve in audience targeting.
      Although your site is well designed, I think there are many scopes of improvement.
      Let me know if you would like to get my detailed feedback in your inbox (just for privacy)

      Lastly, thank you for the quick comment as it will encourage others to give it a try 😀


    1. Hey Ricardo, thanks for your kind words.
      I just gave a quick look at your site & here’s my feedback…

      First & foremost, the UI-UX is good, the layout is modern & the animations are also done well.
      But the thing that I feel you missed on is the CTA’s. Right from the hero section to the footer, I didn’t find any visible & eye-catching CTA’s.

      You can add a few buttons as a CTA so that the user will take action i.e to contact you.

      Apart from that, if you would like to get detailed feedback, you can email me at [email protected] (just to keep things private)


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