JetBlog for Elementor Review | Is this the best blog addon & worth paying for in 2023?

Be it the CMS WordPress itself or its plugins, everything comes with some sort of limitations. Just like our GF’s 😅.

Well, Elementor is no different.

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Although Elementor is one of my most recommended page builders, I admit that it lacks some features and that’s where add-ons such as JetBlog come into play.

If you’re looking to spice up your content blog & stand out from the rest, then my friend JetBlog plugin should be on your list & I’ll explain why.

In this detailed JetBlog review, you'll get to know about

  • All 6 JetBlog Widgets
  • Features, Benefits & Pricing
  • Pros & Cons of JetBlog
  • Whether or not I recommend it
  • Real Customer Reviews
  • Alternatives & lots more.

So without further ado, let's dive in…

What is Crocoblock’s JetBlog plugin?

I’m pretty sure that you already know about the company behind JetBlog, it’s Crocoblock.

Although the name Crocoblock sounds weird to me, I started liking it once I used their plugins & became their customer 😅.

Their Trustpilot reviews make it easy to try out their plugins


Anyway, coming to the topic, JetBlog is a plugin that helps you display your website content in an attractive yet truly responsive way.

This plugin allows you to show blog posts, video posts, artwork, and other kinds of media in a modern way.

JetBlog offers the following features:

  • Video playlist for awesome YT videos (also supports native YT playlists)
  • Posts pagination for longer or more frequent posts
  • Posts navigation for easier browsing through next-previous posts
  • Elementor ticker to show important or trending posts for more eyeballs
  • A “Smart posts list” along with “Post title” so you can easily see what content has been updated recently
Available Widgets in JetBlog Addon

Almost all of the widgets (actually 6) offered by the JetBlog plugin are pretty useful, provided you know the use case.

Yup, it’s important to know where & when you’re going to use it. Otherwise, you may just end up buying & not using it. Worry not, I've provided some examples that will help you understand the use case.

Now, let me cover each widget that this addon has to offer & then we’ll consider the pricing.

Features of JetBlog That’s Tempting

Tempting, seriously?

Well, you might think that this guy is good at exaggeration but I’m not 😅

Anyway, one of the JetBlog widgets i.e Video playlist was tempting to me when I first got to know about it.

Let me show you what it is…

JetBlog – Video Playlist Widget

This is the one feature or better say widget that made me purchase the JetBlog plugin.

If you’re using or planning to use youtube videos on your website then JetBlog is the plugin to look out for.

Honest Note: The reason I grabbed the JetBlog addon is bcoz I'm planning to come on YouTube with awesome Elementor tips & tricks along with beginner-friendly guides & I'll be using all those videos on my blog. I hope that makes sense.

Enough talking, let me explain with real-world examples…

If you check out Rinodeober's (a web designer who creates awesome Elementor tutorials) website, he has a dedicated page called “Playlist” for all his youtube videos arranged in a sequence.

Here’s what the page looks like (click to enlarge):

LivingwithPixels Playlist Page

I don’t know why he’s not using the Video-playlist widget when he promotes Crocoblock plugins on his YouTube channel & blog. Anyway, we’ll discuss that someday with Rino.

Now, If I had to create a similar page for his or my YouTube videos, I would consider using the JetBlog video-playlist widget.

When used, here’s what the page & videos would look like…

Using the JetBlog Video Playlist widget

Please Note: I just want to demonstrate the product by giving real-life examples & that’s why I’m comparing. I admire his work & love what he does. No offense, please.

To me, the second one is more appealing because

  • It uses less space
  • Looks more organized
  • Gives a feeling that you're watching a Course/playlist
  • And lastly, brand colors get recognized

What I like the most about this widget is you can add any video from YouTube & it doesn’t have to be a native youtube playlist. Amazing, isn't it?

Using this plugin, you can pick random videos & easily create a custom playlist inside the Elementor editor. Take a look at the settings of the Video playlist widget

JetBlog Video Playlist Settings

Apart from its functionalities, I seriously love the design options. Right from thumbnails to playlist height to custom video titles, almost each & every section is customizable. 

To be very honest, this is the only widget that made me buy the license.

JetBlog – Single Post Widgets

Under this category, you’ll get two widgets that I think will be useful for single posts.

One is Post pagination (next-previous) and the other one is post navigation. Using these widgets, you can show your related blog posts beneath a single post.

In both, Elementor Free & Pro versions, we don’t get such widgets, so using JetBlog, related content & navigation features/functionality can be achieved.

JetBlog – Recent Post Ticker

Example of Text Ticker (

I’m pretty much sure that you’ve come across this ticker widget on many websites. Stock Investing, News, Government websites, etc use this a lot.

To be honest, for most Elementor websites, I don’t think this widget makes sense bcoz it's more suitable for news, and magazine websites that like to grab attention over breaking news.

Here are the available options for ticker…


Although some would say that using this widget, you can display your top posts or recent posts under or over the website header & which can be helpful to reduce bounce rate. 

But if I had to use something similar on my site, I would personally go with the Kadence WP theme that comes with Elements hooks.

Anyway, what I liked about this Ticker widget is you can set it anywhere on your website.

It allows you to set the display conditions by allowing you to select the posts by category, tag, or post ID.

The functionality is great & the design options are pretty awesome.

JetBlog – Post Archive Widgets

Along with the ticker, there are particularly 2 widgets that come with JetBlog which will be perfect for archive pages.

One is Elementor Post Tiles & the other is Smart Posts Lists.

Using these two widgets, you can easily create stunning archive pages which will be hard to replicate for your competitors (unless they know that you’ve used the JetBlog plugin 😉)

The Post tile widget lets you display all posts in a unique grid layout.

What’s great about this is it also supports custom post-types & comes with pre-built layouts so you can be assured of a faster workflow.


Using the Elementor Post Tiles widget, you can set up your blog posts to display in a block something like this:


I would personally avoid or rather say disable this widget on my website but I may consider using the post list widget.

Using the Smart Post List widget, you can get more creative layouts with good white spacing.

Comes with a ton of customization, right from typography, and colors to column layouts, everything can be customized as per your requirements. Take a look at the styling possibilities…


What I like about this widget is it’s not only for magazine sites, it can be used by all types of Elementor websites.

I would consider using this widget to display blog content in a sidebar something like this:


Such amazing layouts are only found in the premium themes available on the ThemeForest marketplace which usually starts at $49.

But the good news is you can save a few bucks by opting in for the JetBlog plugin.

So how much does JetBlog for elementor cost?
Let’s quickly take a look at the pricing section…

JetBlog Pricing

Talking about the pricing, I believe it’s one of those best value-for-money plugins.

Just for $23/year, you’ll get a license for 1 website & if you want JetBlog for unlimited websites, only $47 is what you need to pay.

Crocoblocks have recently updated their pricing, JetBlog is now worth $23

For an unlimited site license, just make sure to switch the toggle on the cart page.


Pro Tip: Crocoblocks Unlimited website deal is much better than a single site.

Also, if you can extend your budget, I think going for the All-inclusive plan that costs $199/year for 21 plugins will be the best option.

JetBlog Pros & Cons

Pros: What I Like

  • The video playlist is one of its kind (my favorite widget)
  • Supports custom post-types & great for archive pages
  • A ton of customization options (almost every part is customizable)
  • Detailed documentation & dedicated community
  • Affordable pricing (Unlimited sites is a great deal)
  • Great support as reflected in their Trustpilot reviews
  • Provides pre-built layouts for faster workflow
  • Truly responsive (All widgets look great on all devices)
  • Super useful for a magazine or news kind of websites
  • Easy to try (Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee)

Cons: What it Lacks

  • It's only for Elementor (some of their products also supports Gutenberg)
  • Aggressively promotes other products in the backend (it's just marketing 😅)
  • Nothing else. Does exactly what it promises

JetBlog Review: Will I Use or Recommend?

Yes, I highly recommend it.

In my opinion, not only the JetBlog but the entire Crocoblock plugin suite is worth paying for if you are familiar with Elementor.

Their pricing is affordable, plugins are easy to use & moreover the support provided by the Crocoblocks team is worth appreciation. I've also reviewed the JetElements addon for Elementor by Crocoblocks.

Check out some of the Trustpilot reviews for the awesome company Crocoblocks

Crocoblock-Customer-Reviews-on-Trustpilot (2)
Crocoblock-Customer-Reviews-on-Trustpilot (3)

As elementor lacks a few creative options, especially for blog posts & archives, JetBlog fills the gap.

JetBlog Alternatives

If I had to consider some other addon over JetBlog, I would probably install ElementsKit or HappyAddons as both these plugins offer similar features along with a lot more.

ElementsKit offers 4 blog widgets & they are:

  • Post Grid (Free)
  • Post List (Free)
  • Post Tab (Free)
  • Blog Posts (Free)

Whereas HappyAddons offers 8 blog widgets such as:

  • Post List (Free)
  • Post Tab (Free)
  • Taxonomy (Free)
  • Post Grid (Pro)
  • Post Tiles (Pro)
  • Smart Post List (Pro)
  • Post Carousel (Pro)
  • Author List (Pro)

Click on this link to open JetBlog's official website in a new tab & then feel free to check both of these alternatives for better comparison.

I'm providing all the links here:

Once done, just come to this page again & drop your own JetBlog review in the comments section so that others planning to purchase the JetBlog plugin can also be benefited.

I hope this review puts some light & helps you in your purchasing decision.

So, will you use JetBlog's Video Playlist widget or Smart Post List widget?

Let me know in the comments below. Apart from that, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

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