Journez Review | Is this Elementor Template any good for Traveling Agency?

Looking to create a Travel WordPress website using an Elementor Template? Well, you’ve landed an the right blog.

This is my complete review of Crocoblock’s Journez Elementor Template.

In this up-to-date review, you’ll get to know

  • A Quick Overview of Journez, what it does & who is it for?
  • Key features of the Journez Template that are useful
  • Demo, Pricing & How to get started
  • Whether or not I recommend
  • Alternatives & lots more

So without further ado, let’s dive in…

A Quick Overview of Journez, what it does & who is it for?

Journez is basically a (ready to import) Elementor template designed especially for travel agencies, tour & guiding services, travel bloggers & accommodation agencies.

It helps you set up your WordPress website that looks professional, without having to code & worry about the design layouts.

It's a complete template that comes with beautifully designed content blocks, header, footer as well as inner pages such as about page, services, tours, etc.

Journez Elementor Template

Although it’s very well designed & has a sleek & professional look, it’s built on Elementor, meaning, you’ll be able to completely change the look & feel of your site.

If you’re looking to create a WordPress website that falls under the travel category & also, if you don’t wanna spend hours & hours designing a perfect layout that will attract travel lovers from all over the world, then, Journez is the perfect fit for you.

Key Features of Journez Template that’s useful

Journez design layouts
  • Build for the right audience: Bigger Headlines & Bold CTA’s along with background images & pixel-perfect layouts will make your site look trustworthy & more appealing to the target audience.
  • Conversion-focused template: The placement of the Contact form & contact information is placed as the sitewide footer, meaning it’s visible on all pages. Also, it’s simple & easy to digest, making it a conversion-focused template.
  • A modern & unique header: The header menu is one of its kind. On click, a full-screen popup appears with menu links on the left & banners on the right. A clean & simple mega menu makes will help your users navigate the site better.
  • Responsive Template: Doesn’t matter which device your user comes from, both on desktop & mobile, the template will look good on all devices.
  • Social Proof: Not only on the product/service page, but you also get testimonials or rather say section on the homepage. This acts as a strong social proof & helps in conversions.
  • Convincing About page: It’s one of the most important pages when it comes to travel sites. It starts with 2 columns where you can put a bold headline on the left & a quick brief on the right.

    Right next to it, you can insert your team members' photos as advisors along with their job titles & social handles which creates trust in users.
Journez About page section
  • Beautiful Inner Pages: Along with the about page, several other pages like Tours (listing page) & services page is well designed. Also, individual tour pages come with tabs where you can put information, travel plan, galley images & much more.

Journez Demos, Pricing & How to Get Started?

As mentioned above, it comes with pre-built inner pages & here’s how the services page looks…

Journez Services page design & layout

Now, take a look at the tours page (listing page)…

Journez Tours listing page design & layout

Now talking about the pricing, the Journez design template is not available for a single purchase.

Journez & other (total 40+) design templates come with Crocoblock’s All-Inclusive plan, starting at $199/year.

Along with 50+ design templates, you also get 10+ Dynamic templates, 18 JetPlugins & 150+ JetWidgets to take your website to the next level & stand out from the competition.

Quick Note: The Journez Elementor Template is also available on Template Monster. It’s available for a single purchase but that costs $59 for 1 single site & it’s not the best deal to go after.

I would recommend going for the Crocoblocks All-Inclusive plan as you get a ton of useful plugins, 40+ design templates & more importantly, zoom & ticket support for the entire year.

Quick Guide on How to Get Started

Step1: Click on the special link (you’ll land on the journez design template)

Step 2: Click on Join to Download & you’ll be redirected to their pricing page. From here, choose the All-Inclusive $130/yr plan & Click on Buy Now button.

Quick Note: If you’ve multiple websites & you wish to use the same design template or other Crocoblocks plugins, go for the Unlimited sites plan.

This way, you’ll be able to design all of your sites professionally without having multiple subscriptions. Crocoblocks is an all-in-one solution.

Step 3: Once you click on the Buy now button, you’ll be redirected to the checkout page. Well, we all know the checkout process. (just enter your contact details & CC info)

Step 4: After the checkout is completed, proceed to download the files from your account dashboard & then upload them to your WordPress website. That’s it.

My Verdict: Is Journez any good for Traveling Agency?

In short, Yes!

As I’ve mentioned above, the Journez template will not only help you achieve a modern design & professional-looking website, it will save a lot of time & headaches.

Not only this template but all other designs & dynamic templates & plugins by Crocoblocks are highly recommended. I recently reviewed their JetElements & JetBlog addon for Elementor.

To be honest, it’s one of those best value-for-money tools that you can invest in.

Check out their Trustpilot ratings


Seems promising, isn’t it?

A few Journez Alternatives

Although Journez would be my choice as well as a #1 recommendation, you might wanna check some of its alternatives before purchasing, so, here are a few alternatives…

  • Travele Elementor Template by bosathemes: With over 23+ ready-to-use templates & sleek designs, it costs $19 & has over 40 sales on the ThemeForest marketplace. By the way, Journez has over 400+ sales.
  • Journeo & Tourizto by Zemez: Created by the partner of Crocoblocks & somewhat similar to the Journez template. Both are available on the TemplateMonster marketplace starting from $59 for a single-site license.

I couldn’t find more alternatives that will fit the above list as the number of travel templates is limited. And because of this, Journez is my #1 recommendation. You can get it here.

I hope this review helps you decide on the perfect travel template for your site. 

So, will you use the Journez Elementor template for your website or any other?

Do let me know in the comments.

Also, feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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