Ninja Tables Pro Discount 2024 – How to Get a FLAT 20% Discount & Save $150!

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Get the Fastest Table plugin for WordPress at an unbelievable discount.
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🔥 TL;DR: Hands down, Ninja Tables (a brand of WP Manage Ninja that's also the developer of quality WP plugins such as FluentCRM, Fluent Support & Fluent Forms) is now one of the best table plugins to show data in an organized table format with over 80,000+ active installs & 4.8 ratings.

Ninja Tables is the most beginner-friendly, lightweight, responsive, and feature-rich table plugin for WordPress. Using Ninja Tables, you can easily make responsive tables be it a comparison table, pricing table, employee table, affiliate product table, or a league points table right inside your WordPress dashboard using their drag & drop builder.

Its pricing starts at $79/yr but today, I'll show you How you can Get a FLAT 20% off on Ninja Tables Pro plans.

Ninja Tables Pricing After 20% Discount!

First, take a look at how much you can save on Ninja Tables Pro.

Ninja Tables offers you 3+3 Simple pricing plans starting from $79.
Here's the Ninja Tables Pro discounted pricing (after applying the discount code)…

Ninja Tables PlanOriginal PriceDiscounted PriceTotal Savings
Single Site Annual$79$63$16
Agency Annual$129$103$26
Unlimited Annual$299$240$59
Single Site Lifetime$309$247$62
Agency Lifetime$499$399$100
Unlimited Lifetime$749$599$150

Single Site Annual ($63)

  • All Pro Features
  • Updates & Support for 1yr
  • Usable on 1 Website

Agency Annual ($103)

  • All Pro Features
  • Updates & Support for 1yr
  • Usable on 20 Websites

Unlimited Annual ($240)

  • All Pro Features
  • Updates & Support for 1yr
  • Usable on Unlimited Sites

Single Site Lifetime ($247)

  • All Pro Features
  • Lifetime Updates & Support
  • Usable on 1 Website

Agency Lifetime ($399)

  • All Pro Features
  • Lifetime Updates & Support
  • Usable on 20 Websites

Unlimited Lifetime ($599)

  • All Pro Features
  • Lifetime Updates & Support
  • Usable on Unlimited Sites

That's about the pricing part, now let me show you how you can get the discount…

How to Get A FLAT 20% OFF on Ninja Tables?

Whether you wanna purchase the annual single-site license or a lifetime license, the process is exactly the same.

Follow these 3 simple steps to avail your Ninja Tables discount:

Step 1: Click this Special Discounted Link to visit the Ninja Tables deals page
(better to open the link in incognito mode to avoid any caching)

Step 2: You’ll be landed on the special discounted deals page (where the discount will be pre-applied), from here, simply pick a subscription plan (Annual or Lifetime) & then click on the “Buy Now” button.

Ninja Tables Discount Deal 20 OFF

Step 3: You'll be predicted on the checkout page & here, you simply need to choose your payment method (Card or PayPal), enter your billing info & complete the payment by clicking on the “Purchase button”.

Although you won't need to add any Ninja Tables coupon code as it will be pre-applied (as shown in the image below)

But if in case, the coupon isn't auto-applied, you can manually enter the coupon “NINJASURPRISE20” & you'll get a 20% discount.

NinjaTables Checkout with 20 Discount
Checkout Process Ninja Tables Pro

Once the payment process is completed, you’ll get an Order email as well as instant access to the Ninja Tables Pro version that you can download & install on your WordPress site right away.

🎉 Congratulations!
You've successfully claimed the Ninja Tables Pro Special Deal!

In case you're still considering the pro version, let me share why you should just go & grab it…

Why Choose Ninja Tables Pro over other WordPress Table Plugins?

It’s a good & rational question – Why you should go for the Ninja Tables Pro when they have a solid free version & why it's better than its competitors?

Well, here are some of the key benefits of using Ninja Tables Pro over Free

  • The Pro version will let you build dynamic WooCommerce product tables in just a few clicks. This allows your users to buy multiple products from a single page with built-in cart info and checkout buttons (not in the free version)
  • Advanced functionalities like sorting & filtering, conditional formatting, custom filter options, etc are available in the pro edition only
  • One of the key features is it allows you to easily sync with Google Sheets & saves you a ton of time & comes with a lot more integrations
  • With the pro version, you also get frontend table editing, stackable table configuration, WordPress posts & Custom post-integrations

Convinced? or do you need a better comparison view? Well, here's a visual comparison between Ninja Tables Free vs Pro…

Compare Ninja Tables Free vs Pro - & see why you need a pro version

Here's Ninja Tables vs Other WordPress Data & Table builder plugins…

Ninja Tables vs Other WordPress table plugins - A visual Comparison

So what are you waiting for? Get the best table plugin at discounted prices.

Ninja Tables Pro – Well Recognized & Praised by the Industry Leaders & Customers

As they say; customers are the best & genuine source to look out for an honest review of the product as they speak & show the ins & outs of the products.

So, if you’re looking for Ninja Tables reviews & ratings from other customers, this section is for you.

Over 80,000+ businesses use Ninja Tables as their go-to data & tables solution inside the WordPress dashboard.

Check out Ninja Tables Reviews from Customers…

Ninja Tables Customer Reviews on WordPress 2
Ninja Tables Customer Reviews on WordPress 1

FAQs | Ninja Tables Pro Discount Code

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Ninja Tables Discount & Deals…

What is Ninja Tables & Who Should Use this Plugin?

Ninja Tables is the easiest yet feature-rich & superfast table builder plugin for WordPress. It's a perfect choice for anyone who wants to use tables on their website, be it a solo blogger or a business. The easiest interface of this plugin lets you merge cells, style each cell differently, add star ratings to cells, media, and so much more.

Unlike most bloated & sluggish table builder plugins, Ninja Tables is built on a cutting-edge JavaScript framework that doesn't add any extra bloat to your WordPress site, and hence it's the fastest & responsive table builder plugin on WordPress with a customer-rating of 4.6 stars.

It has both Free and pro versions but as the free version is limited, you'll need to Invest in the pro version to get its top-notch features & experience its full potential.

How much discount can I get on Ninja Tables Pro?

For annual plans, you can get a Flat 30% discount on Annual and lifetime plans. The best savings are on the Lifetime Unlimited License where you get $225 OFF. The best offer is on the Lifetime Single Site License.

You can claim this deal using this exclusive link.

Is there any Ninja Tables Lifetime Deal available?

A Big Yes! Ninja Tables Pro Lifetime deal is currently available & you can get the Lifetime plans to start from just $247 & enjoy lifetime updates, and lifetime support. Here are the discounts for lifetime plans…

– $247 ($309) for Lifetime Single Site (for 1 website)
– $399 ($499) for a Lifetime Agency License (for 20 websites)
– $599 ($749) for Lifetime Unlimited License (for Unlimited sites)

Click here to Grab Ninja Tables Pro Lifetime Deal

Do I have to renew my license every year?

If you subscribe to annual plans, you'll need to renew yearly & if you don't want renewals, simply get the Lifetime deal starting at $216 for one website.

What if I’m not happy with the Ninja Tables Pro plugin?

Well, you are covered by their money-back policy. Ninja Tables offers an industry-standard 14-day refund policy.
If you’re unsatisfied, you can get your full refund within 14 days from the date of purchase, so you can try it risk-free.

Wrapping Up | Ninja Tables Pro Coupons & Deals

Ninja Tables is one of the best table builder plugins available on the market which continues to improve with regular updates. Backed by a solid team, and stellar customer support.

A lightweight plugin, robust functionality & prompt customer support is what Ninja Tables offers. What else do you need from a WordPress plugin?

So, don't forget to use this special discounted link to grab the best table builder plugin.
Good luck & Happy Savings!