Perfmatters Black Friday Deal 2023 | Flat 30% Discount – Get Up to $62 OFF

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  • Lightweight & Simple UI
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Powerful Script Manager
  • Database Optimization
  • Preload & CDN Rewrite
  • Multisite Support
  • Support from Developer
  • 15% Renewal Discount
  • Unlimited Site License

Perfmatters Black Friday Deal 2023

Perfmatters (30% OFF)


Perfmatters – The #1 web performance plugin for WordPress. A super lightweight yet very effective plugin that helps you cut down the bloat of your WordPress website without any technical headaches and that too in just a few mouse clicks. Here's your chance to Get the biggest discount of the year as the Perfmatters Black Friday deal is LIVE!

Deal: FLAT 30% OFF | Coupon: BLACKFRIDAY | Status: LIVE

Looking for the special Perfmatters Black Friday 2023 Sale to save more on their premium plans? Well, you’re in the right place.

🔥 TL;DR: Perfmatters is one of those plugins guaranteed to give your website a quick speed boost with just a few clicks & that’s the reason it’s used & recommended by speed gurus for optimizing your WordPress website.

As I'm an affiliate partner of Perfmatters, I have a special coupon code that will help you save some bucks on their premium plans.

Click this Special Link and Use the Coupon “BLACKFRIDAY” to Get 30% OFF on all Pro plans along with a 15% Renewal discount. With the special discount coupon, you can save up to $38 on Unlimited Site License!

Get Perfmatters Black Friday Discount (30% OFF)

Now, let me quickly share the Perfmatters Black Friday discounted pricing plans & the step-by-step process on how to get the deal…

Perfmatters Black Friday 2023 | Quick Look & The Discounted Pricing Details

🔥 Note: Perfmatters Black Friday Deal is Live & it will end on 1st Dec!
Using the Special Coupon – BLACKFRIDAY, you get 30% OFF on Perfmatters!

Here are the Perfmatters Black Friday Offer details for 2023:

Pricing PlanCurrent PricingDiscountBFCM DealExclusive Link
Single Site – Personal$24.9530%$17.46Get Deal
3 Site – Business$54.9530%$38.46Get Deal
Unlimited Sites License$124.9530%$87.46Get Deal
Perfmatters Black Friday Pricing Plans
Perfmatters Deal Get it for maximum discount

So what are you waiting for? Use the following link to grab the plan of your choice at a discounted price.

Discount: 30% OFF
Validity: 16th Nov – 1st Dec

Now if you need a guide, check out the next section where I've explained how you can grab the Perfmatters Black Friday 2023 deal along with its features, pricing & pros & cons…

How to Grab Perfmatters Black Friday 2023 Deal?

If you wanna save more on Perfmatters during this Black Friday season, here’s a step-by-step process on how to save more on their premium plans.

Quick Note: For a visual guide, check out my workflow created using Scribe, simply click on “Get Started” and follow the steps as shown in the workflow.

If in case you need a textual guide…

Step 1: Click on this Special Link to visit perfmatters discounted pricing page (better to open the link in incognito mode to avoid any caching)

Step 2: You’ll be landed on their pricing page & from here, simply pick a subscription plan (Personal/Business/Unlimited) & click on the “But it Now” button to continue to their Checkout page.

Step 3: In this final step, on the checkout page, here, you’ll need to enter & apply the “BLACKFRIDAY” coupon code to get a 30% discount.

Step 4: Next, Enter your personal details (for creating an account), and choose your payment method (Card or PayPal) to place an order.

Click on the “Purchase” button to complete the payment. Once the payment process is over, you’ll receive an email regarding your purchase.

You’ll instantly get access to the Perfmatters plugin that you can download & install on your WordPress site right away.

Woah! You’ve successfully claimed the Perfmatters Black Friday Deal.

Perfmatters – Top 5 reasons why people buy it

No matter the type of website you’ve, be it a WooCommerce store, a membership site, or just a personal blog like mine, speed is seriously crucial for a website’s success.

And Perfmatters helps you with that with just a few clicks. Here are a few reasons why people buy & why you should too…

  • Clean & Simple User-Interface: Perfmatters provides a very clean, simple & easy to use interface where you just need to toggle on/off the options for speed optimization. There’s no other plugin on the market that provides as good & simple to understand UI as this one & that’s the reason people invest in perfmatters.
Perfmatters General Settings
  • Multiple Optimization but not bloated: Along with database optimization, it offers features such as lazy loading your images, hosting fonts locally for more speed, adding custom codes, preloading resources, changing WordPress login URL (for security), etc & not bloating the plugin itself. It’s really a lightweight plugin & doesn’t bloat as other speed plugins do.
  • The Script Manager that does the job so well: The Built-in Script Manager allows you to enable/disable scripts on per post/page basis which is really a handy feature especially when you’re using a lot of plugins. The best part is the scripts are grouped by their respective plugins & themes so that it’s easy to identify & tweak the settings.
Perfmatters Script Manager Overview
  • Compatibility: Another mind-boggling feature of Permatters is that it seamlessly works with all themes & plugins & you can even use it along with any caching plugins without any trouble.
  • Direct Support from the Developer: Who knows his code better than the developer? No one. Well, this is one of the key reasons why people buy Perfmatters & you should too as you get support directly from the plugin developer & no third party is involved.
  • Affordability: For such quality & premium features, most WordPress-based companies would have easily charged $49 or above for just a single site license.

    Brain (founder/developer) & his team are just awesome people. The Personal plan costs just $24.95 for a year & even offers a 15% Renewal discount. Quality product, Top-notch support & affordable pricing, what else do you want from a WordPress plugin?

Well, there are a few more reasons but these ones are the prominent ones bcoz you won’t get such a simple & easy-to-use speedy plugin where you won’t have to scratch your head figuring out the settings.

Still, just planning? Check all the features it offers.

Perfmatters Discount Codes 2023 to get the plugin at the best prices

Coupon codes, discount codes!

Well, my eyes pop out when I get some (working) coupon codes for the products I desire to buy. And who on earth doesn’t like the deals & discounts 😅

The good news is, that there are a couple of (working) Perfmatters discount codes that you should use to get the #1 performance plugin at the best prices.

  • Perfmatters Discount Coupon 1: GET 10% OFF on all plans with the Perfmatters Official Discount Code | Use code – “PERFMATTERS”
Perfmatters PlanStandard PricingDiscountDeal PricingExclusive Link
Single Site – Personal$24.9510%$22.45Get Deal
3 Site – Business$54.9510%$49.45Get Deal
Unlimited Sites$124.9510%$112.46Get Deal
  • Perfmatters Discount Coupon 2: GET 30% OFF on all plans with the Perfmatters Black Friday Special Deal live from 16th Nov to 1st Dec | Use code – “BLACKFRIDAY”
Pricing PlanStandard PricingDiscountBFCM DealExclusive Link
Single Site – Personal$24.9530%$17.46Get Deal
3 Site – Business$54.9530%$38.46Get Deal
Unlimited Sites$124.9530%$87.46Get Deal

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Perfmatters Black Friday 2023 Deal – Which Plan is Best?

Based on my personal experience, I can say that choosing the right plan at the right time will save you from regrets later on.

So, let’s quickly discuss which plan you should get on this Black Friday…

Perfmatters offers you 3 Simple pricing plans which are as follows…

  1. Personal Plan – You get all Pro Features, Updates, and Support for 1 year but you can use only Perfmatters on only 1 WordPress website
  2. Business Plan – You get all Pro Features, Updates, and Support for 1 year and you can use the license on up to 5 WordPress websites
  3. Unlimited Plan – You get all Pro Features, Updates, and Support for 1 year and you can use the plugin on n number of sites. It’s an unlimited license so you can use it on as many as you like.

Looks pretty simple, right? Well, it is.

So, If you’re

  • A solo blogger, or a small business owner currently running & managing one site – Choose Personal Plan
  • Managing multiple sites yourself or planning to create a new site within a year (up to 3 sites), then Choose Business Plan
  • If you’re a designer, developer, or an agency managing client’s websites – simply grab the Unlimited License

The best part about Perfmatters pricing plans is…

  • You get all Pro features in all plans
  • Plugin Updates for 1 Year
  • Premium Support for 1 Year
  • And all come with a 30-day money-back guarantee

The only difference is in their site license.

For most, the Business Plan which gives you a License for 3 Sites will be suitable & it will be a value-for-money deal.

My recommended Perfmatters Plan: Business Plan priced at $38.95 ($54.95)

Still, waiting? Pick the plan that suits your website needs & use the following link to get 30% discounts during this Perfmatters Black Friday 2023 Sale.

Perfmatters | 10 Pros and 3 Cons 

Not just as an affiliate (full disclosure here), but being a customer myself, I can say Perfmatters is so good at what it does, it lacks a few things that most customers want badly.
So, take a look at the pros & cons…

Pros: What I Like

  • Clean, Sleek & Easy to understand User Interface
  • It’s a super fast & lightweight plugin made to boost your site
  • Host Google Fonts & Analytics Code Locally for more speed
  • Simple toggle settings (on/off) along with detailed documentation
  • Change the Default WordPress Login URL for more security
  • Multisite Support in the Highest Plan & that too is affordable
  • Easy to try (Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee)
  • Direct Support from Developer/Founder
  • Compatible with all themes & plugins
  • Script manager, Lazy Loading, Preload Resouces, Defer JavaScript, Delay third-party scripts, CDN rewrite, Database optimization, etc features to improve your page speed score

Cons: What it Lacks

  • The biggest downside is – No free version or free trial is available
  • No Live chat & call support is available even on the highest plan
  • There’s no Perfmatters Lifetime Plan available, renewals every year

Apart from these, there are no major cons of the plugin. It has more pros than cons & hence it’s the #1 web performance plugin for WordPress websites.

Are you still waiting? Grab the #1 web performance plugin at a flat 30% discount.

FAQs | Perfmatters Black Friday 2023 Sale

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Perfmatters Black Friday Sale.

What is Perfmatters?

Perfmatters is the #1 web performance plugin for WordPress. A super lightweight yet very effective plugin that helps you cut down the bloat of your WordPress website without any technical headaches and that too in just a few mouse clicks.

It’s a premium plugin guaranteed to give your website a speed boost & better scores in Google page speed.

How much discount can I get on Perfmatters Black Friday Sale?

You’ll get a FLAT 30% discount on all Perfmatters plans during the Black Friday Sale 2023. You can claim the discount using this link.

What are the Perfmatters Black Friday Sale Dates?

Although Black Friday is on 24th November, the Perfmatters BFCM Sale is Live from 16th November & will end on 1st of December.

What is the pricing of Perfmatters during the Black Friday Sale?

Perfmatters is offering a Flat 30% discount & here are the Perfmatters Black Friday pricing plans…
– Personal Plan costs you $17.45/yr (for 1 website)
– Business Plan costs you $38.45/yr (up to 3 websites)
– Unlimited Plan costs you $87.45 (Unlimited websites)

Click here to Grab Perfmatters at discounted price

Is there any Perfmatters Lifetime Deal available?

No, & that’s one of the downsides of the Perfmatters plugin. Although the Perfmatters Lifetime deal is currently not available, you can get the Annual Unlimited License for just $87.47 & enjoy updates, and support for 1 year & use it on unlimited websites.

Click here to Grab Perfmatters Unlimited Site Deal

Can I get multisite support from Perfmatters?

Yes! You’ll get multisite support, you can install on unlimited websites, and updates for a year when you purchase their Unlimited Site License which costs only $87.45 ($149.95)

Click here to check the Unlimited Site Deal

What if I’m not happy with the Perfmatters plugin?

Perfmatters offers an industry-standard 30-day refund policy. If you’re not satisfied, you can get your full refund within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Final Thoughts | Perfmatters Black Friday 2023 Sale

Perfmatters is one of the advanced yet easy ways to speed up your WordPress website with minimal effort.

I’m personally using it on a few of my blogs (including this one) & I can say it’s one of the best investments I’ve made so far. It’s in my recommended tools list as well.

This is seriously the perfect time to grab this amazing speed plugin as the Perfmatters Black Friday 2023 Sale is going on. Don't forget to use this special link, enter & apply the “BLACKFRIDAY” coupon code & save up to $38 on the Unlimited plan.

That’s it for now. Happy Saving!