WPStarterPack Review | Read before you Buy & Save $2900

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely come across ads by Wpstarterpack.com (most probably on Facebook) where you see premium WordPress themes & plugins just for $29.

Hmm, we’re on the same page.

So, my friend, this is my complete review of the Wp Starter Pack.

In this up-to-date review, you’ll get to know

  • Is Wp Starter Pack Legal?
  • Real reviews from People
  • What are the possibilities if you buy from them?
  • Whether or not I recommend it
  • How you can help save $2900 (of WP users)
  • Lots more

So, without further ado, let’s dive in…

Honest Disclaimer: I usually buy & test products & services that I review on my blog but sadly, not for this crappy service as I’ve recently learned to smell the bs from a mile away. Read on to know more.

A Quick Overview of WPStarterPack & the things that shocked me

You might be aware that a single site license of page builders like Elementor (my #1 recommended page builder) sells at $49/year.

So, it’s good to have a skeptical view of the services like wpstarterpack (also known as WordPress starter pack) which promises to provide you unlimited access to 153 premium themes & 454 plugins at a subscription cost of just $29/year.

WPStaterPack $29 package

A big Red flag 🚩

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not their customer & here’s why…

  • First of all, it’s illegal (more on this in the next section)
  • Poor website design (far away from modern web design)
  • Less trustworthy as there's no about page on the website
  • Negative reviews on social media (screenshots below)
  • No technical & after-sale support
  • Use of untraceable payment gateways on the checkout (Bitcoin)
  • Lastly, it’s a harm to the WordPress community.

It’s one of those services that I highly recommend staying away from.

Is WPStarterPack Legal?

Hell No!

They sell under the name of GPL (General Public License) where they state they are free to distribute once they purchase the product from the original author.

It’s complete bullshit & if you wanna go in-depth, you can find more info or rather say debates on GPL by a simple google search.

The thing is, we don’t even know whether they buy the big agency pack from the original developers & make some modifications to the theme/plugin code.

There’s no way to identify the potential threat.

Also, you won’t even get any license key for any of the products & nor any one-click automatic updates.

Pro Tip: You should say a big no to all such products & services even if someone is offering them for free.

Now, here’s what shocked me…

The amount of traffic on the WP starter pack website.

According to Similarweb, this website gets around 60K visitors mostly from India, Pakistan, Spain & United States.

Similarweb Traffic stats for WpStaterPack

Now let’s do some calculations…

Let’s say out of 60,000 visitors, only 3% converts (standard conversion rate) & this makes them a total of 1800 sales/month.

That’s a whopping 1800*29 = $52,200 to scammers 😮. And I struggle to make even $1000 from affiliate marketing 😑

Anyway, now let’s take a look at some of the wpstaterpack reviews (from social platforms) of those who have bought & tried their service…

9 Real Reviews from People (Who lost their money)

When I find relevant information from real people on social media, is the only time social media seems good to me 😅

Jokes apart, here’s what I’ve collected from Reddit, Facebook & Trustpilot…

Quick Note: I’ve enabled the lightbox on the images, just click & enjoy reading.

WpStarterPack User Reviews on Trustpilot
WpStarterPack User Reviews on Trustpilot-2
WpStarterPack User Reviews on Trustpilot-3
WpStarterPack User Reviews on Reddit
WpStarterPack User Reviews on Reddit-3
WpStarterPack User Reviews on Reddit-2
WpStarterPack Review on Twitter
WpStarterPack User Review on Facebook
WpStarterPack Review on Facebook

What are the Possibilities if you Buy WPStarterPack $29 plan?

If you decide to buy a WPStaterPack subscription which sells at $29, here are the possibilities…

  • Most of the premium themes & plugins won’t work
  • Your site may get hacked and perform very slow
  • You won’t get one-click updates directly from the developers
  • You won’t get any support services from the original developers
  • You won’t even get support from the wp starter pack folks
  • Lastly, after a month or two, they’ll do a favor to you i.e suspend your account without any notice.
  • And one more, you won’t be proud to share that you fell for such scams (most people don’t come in front & share the experience)

That’s exactly what has happened to 100’s if not 1000’s of people.

Hence, I don’t recommend paying a single penny for this subscription-based service.

Save $29 & help this post save $2900

If you read so far, likely, you won’t buy & that’s where you’re saving your or your parent's hard-earned money.

To be utmost honest, this post is solely written for a target keyword “wpstarterpack review”.

My target keyword "wpstaterpack review"

I’m pretty much sure that my blog post will rank on the keyword, get decent traffic of 50-100 visits/mo & help people looking for an unbiased review.

Most likely, you’re here from a quick google search 😉

But what about those on Facebook?

According to Similarweb, the wp starter pack website receives 48% of traffic from Facebook alone.

SImilarweb data for WpStaterpack

I’ll be glad if people like you take an extra step & share this post in relevant “WordPress” related Facebook groups.

Even if this post gets 100 visits from social platforms, $2900 is saved.

By doing this, not only customers (we) will save money but the original developers will also be credited for their hard work. (If people choose to buy from them)

I hope you got the point.

Honest Note: The $29 tactic only will work mostly on beginners & people who can’t afford premium WordPress products.

Many folks fell for this trap making scammers a ton of money.

If you’re a beginner, the next section is just for you…

A Better approach, lessons to be learned & What to do next?

If you’re a complete beginner or someone who can’t afford premium products like Elementor Pro page builder, Kadence theme, etc, then here’s what you should do (seriously practical advice)…

  • Look for the free versions of the product you desire (For example, both Kadence theme & Elementor Pro has a free version, use that)
  • Look for cheaper alternatives & then actually buy that (For example, WPBakery is worth $59/yr, but you can get a cheaper & better alternative like Elementor Pro worth $59/yr)
  • Set a goal to make that amount in about a couple of months or so (This may sound silly but I used this approach & it helped me purchase all my desired tools listed here)
  • Ask for the required funds from someone trustable
  • Lastly, drop the idea of using many premium plugins (you don’t need many of them, check out my starter kit page where I’ve listed the only plugins/services you need to get started)

Honest Note: I didn’t have enough money when I started back in 2019 & that’s why I’ve used the free version of Elementor, Kadence & even cheap as well as reliable web hosting like Hostinger. (You can read my story here)

Later on, when I got some traction & started making money from my niche websites, I bought the premium tools & plugins one by one & even shifted to better & robust hosting like Cloudways.

I’ve listed the entire tools that I use & recommend.

Using the free versions of the products & then setting a goal for desired products ($$) will be an effective & much better approach. At least this is what I think.

Observing the popularity, and traffic of the wp starter pack, here are 3 lessons that you & I can takeaway…

  1. Sometimes Beginners are easy to fool: I’m not suggesting doing the same. Instead, you & I should consciously put in our mind that as I’m a beginner (in __ field) people can easily fool me. Rational thinking & proper research will save you from losing $$ every now & then.
  1. Look for Reviews before Purchase: This is what you & I actively do. You being here is proof of that. Just continue this approach because popular products/services are not always the same. A good example of this is SiteGround Hosting, it used to be one of the top & most recommended web hosts, but eventually, it was just downgraded & as of now, definitely not a suitable host.
  1. Along with SEO, effective advertising does work: Till now, I haven’t used any form of advertisement (bcoz I’m a firm believer in organic growth) to promote any of my blog articles or anything like that, but the popularity & the retargeting ads of wpstarterpack proves that advertising works. It’s just that their offering is not so valuable.

Well, learning is always there for us 😉

Now, What to Do Next?

First of all, give it a share on your preferred social network (as I’ve mentioned that it will help others save their money)

Second, If you want to save $$ on your favorite products then you can Sign Up for my special email list.

You see, I’m an affiliate of some of the industry-leading products & as affiliates, we get exclusive discounts for referring customers.

Pro Tip: You Get Exclusive discounts on your favorite products, the company gets a new customer & I get small commissions that keep the lights on at my home.

It’s a win-win deal for all of us.

I won’t flood your inbox with tons of promotional emails. I like honest marketers & I aspire to be one. That’s why I’ll periodically send discounts & offers straight to your inbox.

Over 47 people are already on the list & I'd love to have you as well.

Signup here. It’s Free!

Lastly, if you can increase your budget by just $30, then get the pro version of Elementor page builder worth $59 (single site license).

I’m saying it bcoz this single tool will replace a lot of free & premium plugins. You'll be able to achieve modern design & better conversions from this tool.

I recommend checking these Pro features.

I hope this wpstarterpack review helps you save a few bucks today.

In a Nutshell: WP Starter Pack sells a useless subscription worth $29/year where you get “nulled themes & plugins” in the name of premium. Later on, your account gets banned & you end up losing $29.

That’s the whole story.

So, will you sign up for the fake $29 subscription? If not which premium WordPress product you’re most interested in?

Do let me know in the comments & I might arrange a coupon for you.


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  1. Would love to see a coupon for WooCommerce Memberships + Subscriptions, or the ability to at least pay for these (very expensive) products on a monthly basis as opposed to annual & all upfront.

  2. Hi,
    I’m among those idiot who bought the package. I was like “Woah such a nice deal. I should buy it. I should even add the lifetime update “.

    Let me tell you what I got :
    Exactly as they promised.

    The code of the plugin.

    “Then what’s wrong ?” you may ask.

    As I said, you just get the code of the plugin, without the licence and even more important especially if it’s a professionnal website on which you make money :

    You don’t know if they put in any malware or not. You don’t know if it’s safe or not.

    So far, I still have access to my account. I can still download the plugin they post. But they are all outdated. The last update from them was in 2021. That mean more of a year of update missing to some of them.

    And no matter what happen I would never put any of those plugin on any of my website or my customer website.

    If I may give you some advise :
    1/ Themeforest is a safe marketplace to buy a good theme. It’s not that costly, most licence are lifetime update ( such as Flatsome ) and it’s 100% safe.
    2/ If you can’t afford expensive plugin, you can alway look for a free one such as on wordpress.org

    Usually you can really build a nice and professionnal website for arround ~150$. There’s absolutely no need to put your website at risk with such a shady company.

    1. Hey Chris, thank you for sharing your experience here.
      I’m sure it will help others save their money & more importantly their website.

      I appreciate the fact that you’ve accepted your mistakes & the way you’re guiding others, is commendable.

      And Yes, you’re absolutely right that you can build a nice & professional website for around or under $150.
      So don’t get fooled, folks.

      Chris, wishing you the best of luck with all your online projects.


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