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Rs.6K for a WordPress website or Rs.30K data entry job?

Kuldeep Rathore FC

Yo, I'm Kuldeep Rathore

As this page is “about me”, I think being real & honest is the only choice. I've not created this page to brag about myself, read the story to know the motive.

Here’s my fast-forwarded story in a bit slow motion:

The ambition of making money online at an early age

It all began with “making money online”.

Like most Indian teenagers, I too had an ambition of making money online (as it seemed easy) when I was 16 (probably in 10th grade).

Quick Note: Although I wasn't forced or pressurized by my family, I belong to a typical Indian middle-class family (one of the biggest & earliest realizations I had) which motivated me day in & day out.

Following the advice provided in several videos & articles around the make money online topic, I started a YouTube channel.

I used to upload content around the topics that I knew that time & thankfully, after 4-6 months, my YouTube channel (not revealing at the moment) got approved by the Google AdSense program & I managed to make my first dollar online.

Kuldeep, what were the numbers?

It was straightaway $100 from Google AdSense & it's a joke.
It was just $9.


But this small amount reflected in my YouTube studio account felt good. I had deeply convinced myself that making money online is possible.


First $100 & the twist

Thereafter, I continued my YouTube channel to complete $100 from Google AdSense (as others were making $1000's which you may have seen on youtube)

So, after a lot of trial & error, I managed to hit the golden numbers i.e $100.

As Google only pays after completing the threshold of $100, I had to make it.

I achieved the goal of $100 not in a month, but in almost two quarters which was later credited to my brother's bank account (as I didn't have one at that time).

Below is an image of one of the payments by Google in 2019 (as the older account was closed).


After completing $100, I felt that from now onwards, I'll make the same amount easily.

But I was wrong.

Some of the videos started getting demonetized & as YouTube was in my favor, I got 1 copyright strike also.

Feeling shattered, I started looking for more & better money-making options & then, I got to know about blogging (which I now do or at least try to)

Although I had earned some bucks from YouTube, I didn't have enough funds to start a WordPress blog (as it requires domain & hosting)

As all the money was spent on gadgets (yes, I love them) and that's why I dropped the idea of blogging.


SSC Exams & the Cricketing Life

I left YouTube & also the idea of blogging as SSC exams were near. You know how important it is in India.

I completed my SSC with good grades (84%, as it was the need of the time).

After that like most kids, I also took admission to a renowned college.

For me, it was Jai Hind College as it was my father's desire or rather say order.

In Dec 2018, I joined the SPG cricket club in Dadar (as this was my childhood desire & was also selected in the college trials)

Our gathering on Saturday Morning

Just about 2 months later of joining the club, my parents were not happy with my decision of playing cricket being a science student.

I quickly realized that I'll have to manage my cricket life, be it paying club fees or getting new shoes.

I felt the need for making money & never thought of a job.

I jumped back to my previous asset i.e YouTube intending to make money & thankfully, I managed to make $100 within a couple of months (bcoz one of my videos hit a million views).

I continued to make a decent income for about 3-4 months & was happy playing cricket in the day & working on the computer at night.

After joining the club, I rarely went to college bcoz I hated it.

Instead, practicing for hours at the Shivaji park & working on my pc late at night gave me immense satisfaction.

The Phase: Rs.6K for a WordPress website or Rs.30K data entry job?

Fast forward to 2019, somehow, my parents were no longer interested in taking my shit although I never asked for any fees.

The rule was pretty simple, want to play cricket?

Then instead of YouTube and all, go & find a job related to computers & anything that I know about.

Sadly, I had to google for jobs & found one of the most prestigious jobs & i.e Data entry job in Andheri.

I visited the office for the interview & was offered a package of Rs.30K/month as per my typing speed (just 40-50 WPM).

Before the so-called interview ended, I was asked to pay 6K upfront for getting the job which will be refunded after one month of service. (I understood the catch on the spot & asked for more information before I couldn't handle their shitty marketing)

But then too, I considered discussing it with my family.

I was sure at my end that I won't be doing that job but still wanted someone from the family on my side.

Thankfully, my elder sister took my side.

She encouraged me to do what I wanted to do instead of falling for these scams. She also convinced my parents to not put me into the job life.

After that, she talked to me & advised investing in my own YouTube channel or cricket or something else. My dropped idea of blogging sparked in me.

At that time, I remember I had an exact Rs.6.5K in my brother's account.

So, on 3rd July 2019, I bought a couple of domains & 2 years of hosting from Hostinger (one of the most beginner-friendly hosting) worth Rs.5,909 in July 2019.

I didn't go to my college for over 4-5 months until the final exam was announced. I did give my exams (11th std) but I knew I will fail & that's what happened.

Even though I flunked, I knew skills are more important than a degree & that's why I didn't bother to give re-exams.

Working with WordPress has given me so much confidence that I can do well in life (as one can offer any kind of WordPress services & make a living).

I've also done freelancing & completed a couple of projects.

I think Investing in building a website is one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

That's why I also offer my WordPress setup service for Free to those looking to get started.

Since then, I've been running niche sites & making a decent income online from the comfort of my home.

That's the reason I say the day I logged into WordPress was the day I logged out of college.

I don't hold any degree next to my name.

Where I'm today & why this blog exists

Last year in July 2021, I turned 20 & feels good to say that I'm self-employed.

Although I still belong to a middle-class family, all of my online projects are self-funded.

Be it paying my monthly Cloudways hosting bills or WordPress tools or anything else. (Here's the list of tools I use & recommend)

I can manage all of these with ease.

I admit that some of my projects failed & some rocked. A few of my niche sites still exist & help me make a decent income.

Decent Income, but Kuldeep, how much?

Well, it's just enough for me to stay home, fund all of my projects & contribute a little to my family. What's more important for me is that I don't get any scoldings from my parents for a job or re-exams.

And now coming to the reason for starting this blog is bcoz of Nishant Kasibhatla. Watch the video below & you may start something new…

My primary goal is to “learn more about WordPress & Elementor” by doing what the genius Nishant advised i.e sharing.

With this blog, my aim is to contribute & help people (working with WordPress) as much as I can because when I started my first WordPress blog back in 2020, I knew nothing & only with the help of articles & YouTube videos, I managed to get things done myself without hiring any freelancer.

I do aspire to make money from this blog by helping those I can. I want to be a good blogger, marketer & a content creator.

Although I'm not good at writing, I write about WordPress, Elementor & a few other topics (that interest me) because of this quote:

You can check out my blog or if you'd like to get started with your website, I do offer FREE WordPress website setup.

That's my honest story known by a very few people including you.

I am just an ordinary guy from Mumbai, figuring his way of life while blogging. I have got a lot more to do & let's see how all this goes.

If you've made it this far, a genuine thank you for reading out my story.

Special thanks to my Sister, Hostinger (one of the best & affordable hosts to date),  Elementor (the easy-peasy page builder) & these content creators: Nayyar Shaik, WPCrafter & many more.


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