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about me & my blog

From Dropout to Blogger

I've written content pieces of over 2500+ words but don't know why I'm feeling weird writing my about page 😅.

Anyway, a couple of deep breaths & here I go…

So Who am I?

My name is Kuldeep & this is my little corner (or rather say only corner) on the web for sharing my thoughts & learnings.

I belong to a middle-class family based out of Mumbai, India.

I'm passionate about WordPress, Elementor & Digital Tools that make life easier & help generate revenue. When I'm not at my desk, you'll probably find me on the ground (read more in random facts)

Talking about WordPress, I've been using it for over a couple of years now, building niche sites & making profits.

It's the trend, isn't it? You guessed it right, yet another blogger.

I'll keep it short: I dropped out of Jai Hind College in 2019, to pursue my interests.

I'm still figuring out things, I still belong to middle-class but thankfully, I'm able to change my status from unemployed to self-employed & that feels really good.

Well, enough about me, the rest is kept for my in-laws as I know they going to ask a hell lot of questions 😜

pb kuldeep2 316

Btw, this is how Kuldeep looks 😄

I know I'm bad at clicking those selfies but still managed to click one for my about page & I'll be using this image throughout the site. Haha!

About this Blog & Why it Exists?

This blog is (I better say soon to be) home to the unofficial Elementor tips/tutorials, reviews, a bit about WordPress products, and much more. This is a solo effort, so it's gonna take a little while.

The reason for starting this blog is bcoz of Nishant Kasibhatla's advice. I'd love for you to watch the video below because you may start something new…

Although I have been successful in managing a couple of niche sites created using WordPress, I still struggle & make mistakes.

So I set a goal for myself to “learn more & master Elementor & WordPress” by doing what the genius Nishant advised i.e deep learning & sharing.

Aim: With this blog, my aim is to contribute & help people (working with WordPress) as much as I can because when I started my first WordPress blog back in 2019-2020, I knew nothing & only with the help of articles & YouTube videos, I managed to get things done myself without hiring any freelancer.

Transparency Note: To be utmost honest, I do aspire to make money from this blog (affiliate links) by helping those I can.

Know that this is my space my blog, and I have no allegiance with any theme provider, plugin maker, or service company. I'm an independent blogger.

My recommendations are mine & not influenced by the commission rates. Feel free to read my full disclosure here.

Also, being honest with myself, I know I'm nowhere near but I'm in the process of becoming a good blogger & a marketer by adding value to people's life.

Although I'm not good at writing, I write about WordPress, Elementor & a few other topics (that interest me) because of this quote:

Write, don’t wait. Continue to write poorly, in public, until you can write better.

With this approach, I've been able to put in the work & build a couple of (profitable) sites. Here's what else I'm doing…

What Else I'm working on?

I run a couple of niche sites making me a decent income that helps fund all of my online projects. I can't reveal the name or the niche but here are some of the interesting facts…

  • Over 92% of traffic to my sites is Organic (Google)
  • I use Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliate & Sponsored Content as my go-to monetization methods for most of my sites
  • Out of 2, one is a blog site & another is a WooCommerce Store
  • My site traffic & revenue was at a peak during the lockdown (touched the figures that I never imagined)
  • Achieved 500K+ sessions & over 1M+ page views in one & half year

Apart from all these, I'm building a kind of directory site in the WordPress space for WordPress users (I'll reveal more info once I launch the MVP version)

Featured & Mentioned On

Not even a single site 😅. But you know what, I'm seriously working on creating helpful content, building authority & getting featured on popular sites so that I've something to mention here.

A weird desire. Well, there are many weird things about me, I'm listing them below…

29 Fun & Random Facts About me

  • I'm born in Rajasthan but lived most of my life in the Mayanagri (Mumbai)
  • Ben 10, Ninja Hattori, Bernad Bear, and Power rangers were my fav when I was a Kid. WWE & Sports (mostly Cricket) while growing up but I quit watching TV during the pandemic
  • Sometimes I suck at common day-to-day things & I get a lot of scoldings
  • Most of my relatives still don't understand what I do & how I make money 😄
  • You'll probably find me on the ground playing cricket when I'm not at my desk

  • I had a good percentile in 10th Grade (84%), & got admission to one of the most renowned colleges in Mumbai (Jai Hind College whose notable alumni are Aishwariya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Vishal Dadlani, Supriya Sule, Tanmay Bhat & many more) but it's the same college I dropped out of 😅
  • I got to meet Iqbal Abdulla (a professional cricketer) when I was playing for SPG Club in Dadar. Here's a pic of nervous me with him
  • I can seriously take high catches like a professional & doesn't matter whether it's tennis or a leather ball (practiced it a lot with seniors when I was in the club)
  • The distance between me and trends (be it fashion or anything) is similar to that of the distance between the sun & our planet earth
  • I'm someone who makes a lot of mistakes but I never accepted them. After growing up a little, I started listening to people & accepting my mistakes which turned out to be one of the best decisions as my relationships became better

  • I don't have a (personal) social profile yet, no FB, no Insta, no Snapchat, nothing, but maybe I'll get there someday
  • I'm not addicted to tea, I just want 3-4 cups daily on my desk
  • I left a YouTube channel with over 40K+ Subscribers just to try blogging
  • I barely keep in touch with anyone from high school & college
  • I love cycling especially in Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SGNP, one of my favorite places in Mumbai)

  • I love wearing tracks, t-shirts & slippers over jeans, shirts & shoes. Oh boy! How can I forget mentioning about my cap 🧢
  • A couple of years back, I feared a lot talking to girls, and still, I get butterflies in the stomach (sometimes) but somehow I do have a pretty girlfriend
  • Although I do hear songs & other music, I'm an avid lover of BGM's & Instrumentals, None of that new stuff appeals to me.
  • I'm self-employed & haven't worked any jobs even after dropping out (no applications, no interviews, no connections, nothing)
  • I like things organized & I need a schedule & routines to operate at my best

  • It's been a couple of months, I've been following a biphasic sleep schedule & it has helped me tremendously in getting things done
  • My dad still wants me to give re-exams but I just stay silent
  • Power naps are my best friends, they recharge me instantly
  • I finally found my productivity system – Physical Notebook, TeuxdeuxGoogle Calendar & Tabextend + Biphasic sleep schedule & short power naps

  • I know one of the best secrets to “make money online” & that is to make videos and write blogs about “how to make money online” (seriously, it still works, people still replicate the strategy but I don't)
  • I love organic traffic more than other sources & hence on most of my sites, about 90% of my traffic is from Google (Organic)
  • I've been using WordPress for over 2+ years, yet I've only learned to build a blog & a WooCommerce Store & I've completed a couple of freelance projects
  • I didn't have enough money when I started my first WordPress-based blog & hence choose Hostinger hosting (still one of the best for beginners) & currently, I'm using Cloudways for most of my Elementor sites (as it's even better)
  • This is one is weird – I want people to use the products that I personally use & hence you'll find those product recommendation boxes in different designs throughout my site (including this page) 😅
That's all there is to know about me.
Thank you for showing your interest, I hope you enjoyed it.


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  1. Hi there Kuldeep,

    Found your blog because I was looking for a way to make Elementor's Accordion widget be closed by default for my wife's Meditation website (which needs a lot of work, I'm trying to overhaul it but i'm not a web designer!), and found your post on it (it 99% worked for me, I left a comment). When I saw in your bio here you were talking about bi-phasic sleep, I remembered an article I read a few months ago, I'd never heard of it before. Here's the link to it, you may find it interesting…it's been around since the Medieval era!

    1. Thank you David for going through my blog & for your insightful comment.
      Sounds fascinating & as long as it's working for me, I'm following it 😅

      Thank you for sharing the article, I've saved it to my pocket list.

      And about your wife's anchored meditation website, yes, it needs work for better conversions.
      Let me know if can I help you with any design work.
      Feel free to reach out – [email protected]


  2. Hey Kuldeep,

    Glad to go through your blog.
    Am an Indian running my own startup in Argentina , US, Canada.
    If you are open for collaboration, Let me know


    1. Hey Ben, thanks for your interest.
      I'm glad to know about your startup being awarded as the 10 most innovative companies in Argentina. That's impressive.

      And about collaborations, I'm always up for it 😅
      Hit me up in my inbox ([email protected]) & let's get into it.

      Let me know if I can help in any possible way.


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