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Hey there!

You’re here because you want to contact me. That’s pretty cool.

Wanna say hello or need help with something, you can email me.

In case, you want to know me, you can go through my About page & a few random facts about me.

Here's what you can email me about:

  • One of my blog posts has a typo (always appreciated)
  • You want to sponsor one of my blog posts (typically with a banner that links out to your website, this costs money)
  • You want me to join your Affiliate program (for brands)
  • You need help with some Elementor stuff

Here's what you should avoid emailing me about:

  • You want to guest post on my blog (I'm sorry, I don't accept these)
  • You want to insert a backlink (sorry once again)
  • You want to sell SEO & link building services (a big no)

Although I'm not a renowned blogger or writer in the digital space, I do value my time & hence I won't be responding to unnecessary emails.

So, the most interesting email you can send me is about collaboration, feedback, or some elementor stuff you need help with.

If you made it this far, feel free to send me an email.

I try my best to respond within one business day.