FlyingPress Discount Coupon Code 2024 – How to Claim Discount & Save $150/yr!

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  • Better than WPRocket
  • Lightweight & Clean UI
  • Page Caching & Preloading
  • Database Optimization
  • Delay Script Execution
  • Lazy Loading & Minification
  • Bloat Remover
  • Very Easy to Use
  • 30% Renewal Discount
  • 14-day refund policy

FlyingPress Discount Code



FlyingPress – The #1 speed & caching plugin for WordPress. A super lightweight & effective plugin that helps you speed up your WordPress website without any technical headaches and in just a few mouse clicks. It’s a premium caching plugin guaranteed to give your website a speed boost & better scores in Google page speed. Here's the FlyingPress Discount Coupon that will get you a FLAT 30% Renewal discount simply by using the exclusive link below. No FlyingPress coupon code is required.

Deal: 30% OFF | Status: Active

If you're looking for a FlyingPress Coupon Code, you've landed right.

🔥 TL;DR: FlyingPress is the #1 speed & caching plugin as it's optimized for real-world browsing speed & not just the scores.

It's guaranteed to give your website a quick speed boost with just a few clicks & that’s the reason it’s used & recommended by speed gurus for optimizing your WordPress website.

Unfortunately, FlyingPress doesn't provide any discount coupons (not even to its affiliates) & hence, you'll need to get started with the standard pricing of $60 (personal license) for the first year.

The good news is you'll get a 30% Discount on Renewals (all plans) & hence FlyingPress will cost you only $42/yr.

So if you’re looking to purchase FlyingPress, you can save $18/yr on a personal license & up to $150/yr on the agency one. Also, you're covered by a 14-day refund policy.

Get Started & Claim 30% Discount

Let me share the discounted or rather say, to-be discounted pricing & the step-by-step process…

🎁 FlyingPress Discount Code 2024 (A Quick Look)

FlyingPress offers you 4 Simple pricing plans starting from $60.

As I've mentioned there are no discounts for new customers but for the old ones & you get 30% renewal discounts, here's the FlyingPress discounted pricing (after one year)…

Personal – Single Site License

  • All Pro Features
  • Updates & Support for 1yr
  • Usable on 1 Website
  • 30% Renewal Discount
  • Starting at $60 & then $42/yr

Developer – 5 Site License

  • All Pro Features
  • Updates & Support for 1yr
  • Usable on 5 Websites
  • 30% Renewal Discount
  • Starting at $150 & then $105/yr

Professional – 50-Site License

  • All Pro Features
  • Updates & Support for 1yr
  • Usable on 50 Websites
  • 30% Renewal Discount
  • Starting at $250 & then $175/yr

Agency – 500 Site License

  • All Pro Features
  • Updates & Support for 1yr
  • Usable on 500 Websites
  • 30% Renewal Discount
  • Starting at $500 & then $350/yr

The best part about FlyingPress pricing plans is…

  • You get all Pro features in all plans & no discriminations in features
  • Plugin Updates & Premium Support for 1 Year
  • All plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 30% Renewal Discounts on all plans

The only difference is in their site license.

For most, the Developer Plan which gives you a License for 5 Sites will be more than enough.

Get 30% Off FlyingPress

Speed up your WordPress website without any technical headaches and with just a few mouse clicks.

So what are you waiting for? Pick the plan that suits your website needs & use the following link to claim a 30% discount on all plans.

Now let me quickly share How you can grab FlyingPress at a discounted price along with its features, & reasons to use FlyingPress over others.

How to Claim FlyingPress Discount & Save $150/yr?

If you want to claim FlyingPress 30% Renewal Discount, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Use my Special Affiliate Link to visit the FlyingPress pricing page (better to open the link in incognito mode to avoid any caching)

Step 2: You’ll be landed on the pricing page & from here, simply pick a subscription plan (Personal/Developer/Professional/Agency) & click on the “Buy Now” button to continue to their Checkout page.

My Recommended FlyingPress Plan is the “Developer Plan”

Step 3: In this final step, on the checkout page, simply enter your details like email address, first name & username to create an account.

Once you fill in the details, Click on the “Paypal” button to complete the payment via Paypal. You can pay with your debit & credit card.

After you complete the payment process, you’ll get an Order email as well as instant access to the FlyingPress plugin that you can download & install on your WordPress site right away.

Step 4: Once you've made your purchase, feel free to email me the invoice to [email protected].

After verifying your purchase, I'll assure you get my fantastic bonus in your inbox.
I'll provide you with the Perfmatters genuine license (worth $24) usable on 1 site as a bonus 🎁

Also, note that the 30% renewal discount is directly applied for the next year which you can see under your subscription status.

🎉 Congratulations!
You’ve successfully claimed the FlyingPress Deal!

I have a developer license which costs $150 but from now onwards, it will be only $105/yr.

In case you're still considering, let me share why you should just go & grab it…

Top 5 reasons Why you should Get FlyingPress

No matter the type of website you’re running, be it a WooCommerce store, a membership site, or just a personal blog like mine, site speed is seriously crucial for a website’s success.

And FlyingPrees helps you with that with just a few clicks. Here are a few reasons why speed gurus use FlyingPress over others & why you should too…

  • Clean & Simple User-Interface: FlyingPress provides a very clean, simple & easy-to-use interface where you just need to toggle on/off the options for speed optimization.

    There’s no other plugin on the market that provides as good & simple to understand UI as this one & that’s the reason people invest in FlyingPress (including me)
  • Minimal Settings: Unlike other WordPress speed & catching plugins, FlyingPress won't scare the hell out of you with a dozen options here & there. It's super simple & pretty well-organized with just a few settings to configure.
  • Thoughtful Features: The Built-in caching & preloading mechanism along with preloading links, defer & delay scripts, lazy loading images, HTML elements, videos & iframes are some of the great features that when combined, work wonders.
  • Compatibility & Great Addon: Another mind-boggling feature of FlyingPress is that it seamlessly works with all hosting providers, themes & plugins & also, comes with FlyingCDN which is a premium disturbed network of high-end edge servers to accelerate delivery of your static files.

    It's compatible with other web-performance plugins such as Perfmatters.
  • Reliable Developer & Community: Who knows his code better than the developer? No one. Well, this is one of the key reasons why people buy FlyingPress & you should too as you get prompt & priority support from Gijo & his team.

    Also, a dedicated Facebook community (with over 5K+ members) is always on the go to help you with technical stuff.

Well, there are a few more reasons but these ones are the prominent ones bcoz you won’t get such a simple & easy-to-use speedy FlyingPress plugin where you won’t have to scratch your head figuring out the settings. It's clean, it's minimal & it just works.

Still, planning?
Check all the features it offers.

It's the caching plugin that seriously speeds up the website & hence it’s the #1 speed & caching plugin for WordPress websites. Give it a try, you're covered by a 14-day money-back policy…

Get 30% Off FlyingPress

Speed up your WordPress website without any technical headaches and with just a few mouse clicks.

FAQs | FlyingPress Discount & Deals

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the FlyingPress discount & deals.

How much discount can I get on FlyingPress?

You can a FLAT 30% discount on all FlyingPress plans (renewals)
Claim the discount using this link.

Is there any FlyingPress Lifetime Deal available?

No, & that’s one of the downsides of the FlyingPress plugin. Although the FlyingPress Lifetime deal is currently not available, you can get the Agency License for just $1/site & enjoy updates, and support for 1 year & use it on over 500 websites.

Click here to Grab the FlyingPress Agency Deal

What if I’m not happy with the FlyingPress plugin?

FlyingPress offers an industry-standard 14-day refund policy. If you’re not satisfied, you can get your full refund within 14 days from the date of purchase. So feel free to try the #1 speed & caching plugin.

Final Thoughts | FlyingPress Coupons & Savings

FlyingPress is one of the best in terms of getting you amazing speed results yet very simple & easy to configure. It helps you speed up your WordPress site with minimal effort.

I’m personally using it on a few of my blogs (including this one) & I can say it’s one of the best investments I’ve made so far hence, my recommended tool & also the best resource for elementor sites.

Don't forget to use this special discounted link to grab the #1 speed & caching plugin.

Comment & let me know if the FlyingPress discount coupon code worked for you or not.

Also, if you've got any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below & I'll get back to you real soon. That's all for now.


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