The Complete Guide to Creating Elementor Password Protected Pages + FREE Customizable Templates

👉 The Problem & the Known Solutions Upfront: There are times when you need to give access to your content or a feature to only a specific group/people either of your team or your end customers.

No matter what the reason, creating protected content/protected pages becomes a necessity (sometimes).

Although Elementor is super powerful, unfortunately, there are no widget/settings offered by Elementor that allows the creation of protected content & I’m sure you’re aware of that.

💡 So, you might have Googled – “How to create an elementor password-protected page” & probably landed on this blog post. Well, this is the only post you’ll need to read (yup, read, not skim through) because it's possible.

Fortunately, with the add-ons, it’s possible. I’ll be completely honest with you to let you know right in the beginning that creating password-protected content or pages is possible with Elementor addons (& I've shown how to create one)

The good news is… It won’t take you a day as the ready-to-import design templates will help you quickly set up your elementor password-protected content.

By the end of this post, you'll know

  • 3 Addons that will help you create password-protected content in elementor
  • Step-by-step guide on how to create & customize password-protected page
  • My recommended addon to quickly create elementor password-protected content/pages
  • And lastly, answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

So without further ado, let's dive in…

Transparency Note: Methods & steps listed in this blog post do require you to install additional plugins (free & paid)

Also, note that my blog is reader supported hence some of the links to products mentioned are affiliate links (won’t cost you anything extra) & I’ll appreciate it if you use them to purchase the product as those little commissions keep the lights on at my home & the sidebar free of advertisements 🙂.

Out of a Dozen, Only 3 Elementor Addons can help you Create an Elementor Password Protected page

Reread it – Out of a dozen Elementor Addons, only 3 Addons offer this functionality to create either a protected section or an entire page with password protection.

Honestly, I researched, tried & tested almost all of the popular Elementor addons which include QI Addons, ElementsKit, Essential Addons, ElementsPack Pro, Exclusive Addons, Master Addons, Royal Addons, Ultimate Elementor, Happy Addons, Xpro Addons, PowerPack Element, and the Plus Addons for the content protection feature.

My Findings: Out of 12 Elementor addons, only 3 listed below provide content protection features and they are…

1) The Plus Addons
2) Essential Addons
3) ElementsPack

Out of all 3, my recommendation would be to use The Plus Addons Protected Content widget as it offers ready-made templates that help you quickly password-protect any widget/section on the elementor page.

The Plus Addons: Protected Content Widget

The Plus Addons is one of the most promising ones I’ve encountered.

As it offers over 120+ widgets, and 100+ Ready to import templates along with the Plus Features such as Plus Creatives, Plus Design, Plus Listing, Plus Builder, etc have drawn a lot of attention to this addon recently & the number of downloads for this plugin is increasing day by day.

Currently, it has over 90K+ downloads and a customer rating of 4.5 on

Its Protected Content widget allows you to restrict sections/pages that certain user roles or passwords can only access. Also, within the protected content widget, you can add any custom content via text editor or load a Saved Elementor Template.

Here are the complete details about the widget…

The Plus Addons Protected Content Widget Settings

Settings Offered:

  • Content-Type: Content (text editor) or Saved Templates
  • Protection Type: Set Password, Multiple Passwords, or User Roles
  • Customize Input Placeholder
  • Customize Submit Button text
  • Cookie Expiration Settings
  • Set Custom Messages
  • Display Custom Error Message
  • Message Type: None, Content (text editor) or Saved Template
  • Complete Customization & Styling options for Content, Message, Password Field & Button

Step-by-Step Video Guide – Creating Elementor Password Protected Page using The Plus Addons Protected Content

The Plus Addons for Elementor – That's all you need to password-protect your elementor pages. Now before wrapping up, let me quickly answer some of the FAQs…


What is content protection in Elementor?

In simple words, the Content Protection feature allows you to restrict any Elementor Content by setting up passwords or user roles like logged in/logged out, customer, subscriber, etc.

Using The Plus Addons Protected Content Widget, you can restrict any Elementor Content be it a widget, section, or page.

How do I password-protect an elementor section?

Simply by using The Plus Addons Protected Content Widget, you can easily password-protect any section of the elementor. It offers settings to set multiple protection types (password or user role), custom frontend messages, error messages, cookie settings & many quick styling options.

Which is the best addon to password-protect the elementor page?

There are 3 Elementor addons that provide such password-protect functionality, out of which The Plus Addons is the best addon to password-protect your elementor page, section & even a widget.

Wrapping Up

By now, you should be done with creating an elementor password-protected page as you now have all the necessary information.

So, will you use Essential Addons or The Plus Addons for protecting your content?

Do let me know in the comments.

Apart from that, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments & I’ll be more than happy to answer.

Lastly, if you feel this blog post was helpful, then do give it a share on social platforms. I know you’re good at hitting those sharing buttons (especially the Facebook one 😉)

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