FluentCRM Black Friday Sale 2023 | Flat 40% OFF – Live Now!

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • A/B Testing & Insights
  • Email Sequencing
  • 30+ Integrations
  • 13+ Action Blocks
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • 14-day refund policy

FluentCRM Black Friday Deal

FluentCRM (40% OFF)


FluentCRM – The simplest & fastest marketing CRM plugin for WordPress. Managing your leads & costumes, email campaigns, automated email sequencing, reporting, and many more all in one place; inside your WordPress dashboard. Get your hands on one of the best email marketing automation plugins for WordPress. Here's your chance to Get a FLAT 40% discount as the FluentCRM Black Friday deal is now Live!

Deal: FLAT 40% OFF | Validity: 16th Nov – 1st Dec | Status: LIVE

If you're looking for the special FluentCRM Black Friday 2023 Deal to save more on their premium plans, you’ve landed right.

🔥 TL;DR: Hands down, FluentCRM (a brand of WP Manage Ninja that's also the developer of Fluent Forms & Ninja Tables) which came just a couple of years ago, is now one of the Best Email Marketing Automation plugins for WordPress with over 30,000+ active installs & 4.9 ratings.

FluentCRM offers a complete marketing solution within WordPress right from managing your leads & customers, email campaigns, automated email sequencing, learner & affiliate management, and monitoring user activities, reporting, and many more in one place; without having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

As I'm an affiliate partner of Fluent Forms, this special BFCM link will help you save more bucks on their premium plans this Black Friday.

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Let me quickly share their FluentCRM discounted pricing on this Black Friday Sale…

FluentCRM Black Friday Pricing | A Quick Look & The Discounted Pricing Details!

😎 Update: FluentCRM Black Friday Deal is now Live!
Use this Special link to Activate the Black Friday Deal – Flat 40% OFF!

Here are the FluentCRM Black Friday Offer details for 2023:

Single Site Annual ($77)

  • All Pro Features
  • Updates & Support for 1yr
  • Usable on 1 Website

5 Site Annual ($149)

  • All Pro Features
  • Updates & Support for 1yr
  • Usable on 5 Website

50 Site Annual ($299)

  • All Pro Features
  • Updates & Support for 1yr
  • Usable on 50 Sites
FluentCRM Deal Get it for maximum discount

So what are you waiting for? Use the following link to grab the plan of your choice at a discounted price.

Discount: Up to 40% OFF
Coupon: Pre-applied on this page
Validity: 16th Nov – 1st Dec

Now let me quickly share How you can grab the FluentCRM Black Friday 2023 deal along with its features, pricing & it's pros & cons…

How to Grab FluentCRM Black Friday 2023 Deal?

Quick Note: Here's a step-by-step visual guide created using Scribe that shows you how to Grab the FluentCRM Black Friday deal.

Simply click on the “Get Started” button and follow the steps as shown in the workflow…

In case you need a quick text guide, here's the process…

Step 1: Click on this BFCM Special Link to visit the FluentCRM Black Friday Deals page (better to open the link in incognito mode to avoid any caching)

Step 2: You’ll be landed on their pricing section where the discount will be pre-applied.
From here, simply pick a subscription plan and click on the “Buy Now” button to continue to their Checkout page.

FluentCRM Black Friday Discounted Pricing plans

Step 3: In this final step, you just need to choose your payment method (Card or PayPal), enter your personal info & complete the payment by clicking on the “Purchase” button.

FluentCRM Checkout Process Payment Methods Purchase with 40 Discount

Once the payment process is completed, you’ll get an Order email as well as instant access to the FluentCRM Pro version that you can download & install on your WordPress site right away.

FluentCRM Wpmanageninja User Dashboard

🎉 Congratulations!
You've successfully claimed the FluentCRM Black Friday Deal!

Why Choose FluentCRM Pro over its Free version and competitors?

FluentCRM Dashboard Overview

It’s a good & rational question – why you should choose FluentCRM Pro when they have a solid Free version?

Well, here are some of the key benefits of using FluentCRM Pro

  • The Core one is you get the Email Sequencing feature in the Pro version
  • In 360° Contact Overview, you get access to features such as direct emailing, email sequence steps & status, email automation steps & status (not available in the free version)
  • In Email Campaigns, you can create conditional content, do A/B testing, and set post-campaign actions (which can’t be done in the free version)
  • Smartlinks, Incoming Webhook, CRM Manager Roles, Over 13+ Action Blocks, Tracking Link Click, Conditions, WooCommerce & over 30+ Integrations, etc all available only in the pro version

And here’s why you should consider FluentCRM over the costly yet complicated ones…

FluentCRM Pro vs Competitors

FluentCRM Black Friday 2023 Deal – Which Plan is Best?

Choosing the right plan at the right time will save you from regrets later (based on my experience). So, let’s quickly discuss which plan you should get on this Black Friday…

FluentCRM Pro offers you 3 Simple pricing plans which are as follows…

FluentCRM PlanCurrent PricingDiscountBFCM PricingExclusive Link
Single Site License$12940%$77Get Deal
5 Site License$24940%$149Get Deal
50 Site License$49940%$299Get Deal

So, If you’re

  • A solo blogger or a small business owner currently running & managing one site – Choose 1 Site License
  • Managing multiple sites yourself or planning to create a new site within a year, then Choose 5 Site License
  • If you’re a designer, developer, or an agency managing client’s websites –
    Choose 50 Site License

The best part about FluentCRM pricing plans is…

  • You get all Pro features in all plans
  • Plugin Updates for 1 Year
  • Priority Support for 1 Year

The only difference is in their site license.

Pro Tip: For most WordPress users, the 5-Site Annual License will be suitable & it will be a value-for-money deal.

Earlier I made the mistake of choosing a single site license which cost me $79 & within a year, I felt the need for another license as I’m also working on other niche websites.

Avoid making the same mistake & grab better deals.

If you’ve multiple websites or planning to create & use email marketing (which you should) then go for 5 Site License. Because a single-site License will cost – $77/per year

But if you choose 5 site License which costs $149, then the pricing will be just $29 per site for the first year. It's really a value-for-money deal.

My recommended FluentCRM Pro Plan: 5 Site License priced at $149 ($249)

But hey, the final decision is always up to you.

Still, waiting? Pick the plan that suits your website needs & use the following link to get 40% discounts during this FluentCRM Black Friday 2023 Sale.

FluentCRM Pro – A Top-Rated Plugin (Reviews & Ratings)

Customers are the best & genuine source to look out for an honest review of the product as they speak & show the ins & outs of the products.

So, if you’re looking for FluentCRM reviews & ratings from other customers, this section is for you.

FluentCRM Review & Ratings on WordPress:

On WordPress, FluentCRM has got a huge 4.9 out of 5-star ratings from nearly 100+ users.

Have a look;

FluentCRM Pro Ratings

Over 20,000+ businesses use FluentCRM as their go-to email marketing solution inside the WordPress dashboard & the best part is they have a community of over 5K members in their dedicated FluentCRM WordPress community group on Facebook.

Check out FluentCRM Reviews from Experts…

What's Not To Love?

WordPress is finally ready for this! Finally, a way to get away from expensive monthly fees for email marketing platforms, but this is much more than that. You can better understand your customers because FluentCRM pulls all the data together in a meaningful way.
Adam Preiser
Founder of WPCrafter

Now everything is under MY control!

FluentCRM will become the go-to email marketing solution for WordPress-based membership, course, and e-commerce sites. FluentCRM simplifies the complexity of email marketing and makes it available from within your WordPress dashboard.
David McCan
Founder@ WebTNG

FAQs | FluentCRM Pro Black Friday 2023 Sale

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the FluentCRM Black Friday Sale.

What is FluentCRM?

fluent crm brand card

FluentCRM is a complete marketing solution within WordPress and it offers features such as managing your leads & costumes, email campaigns, automated email sequencing, learner & affiliate management, and monitoring user activities, reporting, and many more in one place; without having to leave your WordPress dashboard.

That’s the reason it’s known as the simplest & fastest CRM and marketing plugin on WordPress. It has both Free and pro versions but as the free version is limited, you'll need to invest in the pro version to get its top-notch features & experience its full potential.

How much discount can I get on the FluentCRM Black Friday Sale?

You’ll get a 40% discount on all FluentCRM Pro plans during the Black Friday Sale 2023. The best savings are on the 50-site license where you get $200 Off. Claim this deal here.

What is the pricing of FluentCRM Pro during the Black Friday Sale?

FluentCRM is offering a Flat 40% discount & here are the FluentCRM Pro Black Friday pricing plans…
– A single site License costs you $77/yr (for 1 website)
– 5 site License costs you $129/yr (up to 5 websites)
– 50 site License costs you $199/yr (up to 50 websites)

Click here to Grab FluentCRM Pro at discounted price

Are there any limitations on how many emails I can send?

That’s the best part about FluentCRM that it allows you to send unlimited emails & also add unlimited contacts.

There are no limitations on how many emails you can send in a day, in a week, month. No limitations at all. You can send as many emails as you want.

Is there any FluentCRM Lifetime Deal available?

No, currently there’s no FluentCRM Lifetime deal available but you can get the plugin at annual pricing which starts at just $77.

Click here to Grab FluentCRM Deals

What are the FluentCRM Black Friday Sale Dates?

Although Black Friday is on 24th November, the sales have started pretty early. FluentCRM BFCM Sales begins on 16th Nov and ends on 2nd Dec.

What if I’m not happy with the FluentCRM plugin?

FluentCRM offers a 14-day refund policy. If you’re unsatisfied, you can get your full refund within 14 days from the date of purchase, so you can try it risk-free.

Final Thoughts | FluentCRM Pro Black Friday 2023 Sale

FluentCRM is seriously a game-changer & saves a ton of money by offering better marketing features at cheaper costs than its competitors.

I’m personally using it on a few of my blogs (including this one) & I can say it’s one of the best investments I’ve made so far.

This is seriously the perfect time to grab this amazing email marketing automation plugin as the FluentCRM Black Friday 2023 Sale is going on. Don't forget to use this BFCM special link & avail the discounts.

That’s it for now. Happy Savings!