Kadence AI Review: Is it the Best AI Builder for WordPress?

So you finally heard about Kadence AI somewhere over the internet & out of curiosity, you googled “Kadence AI review”.

And you’re here reading this blog post. Well, that’s a sign that I’m good at reading your mind. Just kidding dude.

Coming to the context, in this detailed Kadence AI review, I’ll break down:

  • What is Kadence AI?
  • How it Works & its Key Features
  • Using Kadence AI to Build WordPress Website Faster
  • Pros: What do I like about it?
  • Cons: What still needs work?
  • Pricing Plans, Alternatives, FAQs & lots more.

So without further ado, let’s dive in…

What is Kadence AI?

In a nutshell: Kadence AI is a groundbreaking AI-powered tool in the WordPress ecosystem that helps you create WordPress websites faster.

To make it very clear, Kadence AI isn’t a standalone product.

It's a cutting-edge feature within the Kadence WordPress Solutions suite, designed to make website building not just faster but also more intuitive. It’s an AI wizard integrated well into Kadence Blocks & Starter Templates.

Just like most other AI tools, it uses OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs) to quickly generate content & integrate it into Kadence’s Design Library & Kadence Starter Templates.

The AI assists in generating customized copy, images, and site layouts tailored to your specific needs using its credit.

Now hearing the word credit, you might wonder how many Kadence AI credits I get.

Well, let me quickly answer it…

Navigating the World of Kadence AI Credits

Similar to most AI tools, Kadence AI also uses a credit system to manage AI content generation for obvious reasons i.e. to cover the costs of using OpenAI’s API. (Seriously, OpenAI generates a hell lot more business from B2B)

Each action, whether generating a copy or selecting images will cost a certain number of credits. Think of it as currency in the realm of AI-driven design.

As you use the AI assistant to perform a task, Kadence will use a credit associated with your Kadence account to complete the task.

Kadence AI Credits:

The Kadence free plan generously offers 250 lifetime AI credits, perfect for getting your feet wet without upgrading to the pro plan.

And talking about the Pro users,

  • Kadence Essential plan grants you 4,000 AI credits per year
  • Kadence Full bundle gets you 8,000 AI credits per year
  • Kadence Full bundle lifetime plan gets you a whopping 16,000 lifetime credit.

To give you an idea about the usage of credits, generating a headline or inline content using the AI assistant will cost around one credit, whereas generating content for the design library costs somewhere between 4 to 100 credits (obviously, depending on the prompt & the complexity of the task)

💡 Pro Tip: So, if you’re like me and want to save time & have an efficient workflow, you’d like to get your hands on the Kadence AI.

Doesn’t matter the use case, so far as the credit system is designed, signing up for the Kadence Full Bundle (Yearly) will be the right choice to make as you’ll have 8,000 AI credits each year.

Now that you’ve understood the Credit system, let me quickly share how it works…

How it Works: The Magic Behind Kadence AI

Here’s a concise explanation of how Kadence AI operates or rather say how magic happens…

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Kadence AI uses OpenAI's LLMs to generate website content based on the information you provide, such as your business name, description, and keywords.

After receiving your input, Kadence AI forwards it to OpenAI's LLM, which then produces content for your website, including product descriptions and headlines. It also suggests copyright-free images from Pexel's database or your local image library to enhance your website.

Kadence AI integrates this content into templates from the Kadence Design Library to efficiently construct your website.

In contrast to other AI website builders, Kadence AI does not create templates from scratch.

Instead, it customizes existing templates with AI-generated text and carefully selected images.

This method simplifies the design process and guarantees a seamless user experience for individuals at all skill levels in website design.
(You might think I’m a Pro, but I’m not, all I do is use AI 😉)

In a nutshell, right from Content Generation to design creation & customization – Kadence AI offers it all.

Now that you’ve some idea of the Kadence AI, let me quickly go over the process or rather phases of creating a website with Kadence AI…

Building WordPress websites Faster with Kadence AI

Armed with Kadence AI, I embarked on building a new WordPress site. The process was astonishingly straightforward:

  • Input Phase: I provided basic information about my project (business name, industry, etc)
  • Generation Phase: Kadence AI sprang into action, presenting me with a draft filled with tailored content and design.
  • Refinement Phase: Here’s where I fine-tuned the suggestions, swapping images and tweaking the copy to align perfectly with my vision.
  • Launch Phase: With everything in place, going from concept to live site was a matter of clicks.

This workflow not only saved me countless hours but also infused my projects with a fresh perspective, combining human creativity with AI efficiency.

If you want to learn this process, I highly recommend checking out this article where I’ve shown the step-by-step process to create a WordPress website in under 5 minutes using Kadence AI.

Pros: What do I like about Kadence AI

1] Personalized Content & Design Ideas

Kadence AI enhances the Design Library with AI-powered features that automatically incorporate content and images into templates.

This feature allows me to preview how the templates will appear on my site before adding them, and it even adjusts the content in Starter Templates to match my website's style.

The best part is that I can easily edit everything to ensure it aligns perfectly with my brand before going live!

2] Seamless integration with WordPress editor

I appreciate how Kadence AI seamlessly integrates into the WordPress editor through the Kadence Text block.

With just a few clicks, I can access Kadence AI and see real-time updates on my remaining credits without leaving the editor. This integration makes using Kadence AI feel intuitive and effortless within the WordPress environment.

3] Generous Credit System

Kadence AI offers a generous credit system that benefits both free and paid users. Free users receive 250 credits, while paid users can access between 4,000-16,000 credits based on their subscription plans.

During my experience, I found that simpler tasks like generating a headline or a single image required only one credit each, while more complex tasks like content creation for the design library used between 45 and 100 credits.

Additionally, you can purchase credits from your account area which provides flexibility and allows you to tailor your credit packages to your specific needs and budget.

4] Time Saving Efficiency

I think I’ve said this many times as Kadence AI streamlines the website creation process it helps in efficiency & saves me valuable time which allows me to focus on other aspects of my project.

5] Enhanced Creativity & User-friendly Experience

  • Enhanced creativity: By combining AI-powered features with human creativity, Kadence AI brings a fresh perspective to website design. The personalized suggestions and templates inspire new ideas and help me create visually appealing and engaging websites.
  • User-friendly experience: Kadence AI's user-friendly interface and seamless integration into WordPress make it accessible for users of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer, Kadence AI simplifies the website-building process and empowers you to create professional-looking sites effortlessly so ya, it’s a plus point.

Cons: What Still Needs Work

1] Content Uniqueness:

While Kadence AI effectively tailors content based on user inputs, the resulting output may lack the distinctive touch and originality of human-created content. The AI-generated text quality can vary, occasionally missing the mark in terms of individuality.

Honestly speaking, this limitation is not entirely within Kadence's control, as the quality of AI-generated content depends on external factors. It's essential to consider this aspect before solely relying on Kadence for content creation services.

If you want something that’s focused on creating SEO-optimized content within WordPress, then GetGenie AI is for you.

2] Limited Design Options & Dependency on Credit System

  • Limited design customization options: Kadence AI may offer predefined templates and design suggestions, but users may find limited flexibility in customizing these designs according to their specific preferences.

    And I think this constraint can restrict users who seek more intricate design modifications for their websites.
  • Dependency on credit system: While Kadence AI provides a generous credit system, the dependency on credits for various tasks may pose a challenge for users with extensive website projects or frequent content updates.

    Users may need to monitor and manage their credit usage carefully to ensure uninterrupted access to Kadence AI features.

3] No Third-Party Block & Pagebuilder Integration

Well, I don’t think it’s a big downside but still worth informing you that Kadence AI works only with Kadence blocks & no other block plugins.

Although the Starter Templates by Kadence do have a few well-designed Elementor templates, sadly, you won’t be able to use Kadence AI with those Elementor Templates.

To make it simpler, if you’re using Kadence Theme with any other block builder or page builder (like Elementor), you won’t be able to use most Kadence AI features on your site.

But you know what, Kadence Blocks itself is a lightweight page builder so you might not need to consider other page pagebuilders. Although I’m an Elementor lover, I appreciate & do use Kadence AI along with its Kadence Blocks on some projects.

Kadence AI Pricing Plans

Although I’ve shared it before, here’s the detailed pricing of the Kadence WordPress suite where you get Kadence AI…

  • Free: A great starting point with 250 lifetime AI credits & access to free starter templates
  • Essentials: At $149/yr, you get 4,000 AI credits/yr along with Pro versions of Kadence Blocks, Theme & Premium Starter Templates.
  • Full Bundle: For $219/yr, you get 8,000 AI credits/yr & this includes everything in Essentials plus additional tools like WooCommerce Shop Kit, Kadence Cloud, Child Theme Builder & Kadence Conversions + access to all future products
  • Lifetime Full Bundle: A one-time payment of $799 for lifetime access to all Kadence products & 16,000 lifetime AI credits.

My Recommended Plan: Full Bundle (Yearly) where you get all the products plus 8,000 AI credits each year.

Kadence AI Alternatives

While Kadence AI is impressive (actually, it’s too good😉), it’s always good to consider alternatives.

Elementor and Divi offer robust WordPress page-building experiences with an emphasis on AI content generation & design creation.

In a nutshell; Kadence AI stands out as a superior choice compared to Elementor and Divi AI in terms of website creation on WordPress as it excels in speeding up website design processes, extensive design library, inline content modifications, and seamless AI-powered starter templates.

If you’d like to read in-depth, here’s a comparison of Kadence AI vs Elementor AI vs Divi AI (coming soon)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q] Can I use Kadence AI on multiple sites?

Yes, most plans allow use on multiple sites, making it perfect for freelancers and agencies.

Q] Are the generated images and content royalty-free?

Yes, all imagery and content generated by Kadence AI are royalty-free and ready for commercial use.

Q] What happens if I run out of AI credits?

Additional credits can be easily purchased, ensuring uninterrupted access to Kadence AI’s features.

Q] Is Kadence AI suitable for beginners?

While Kadence AI offers powerful features, beginners may find the learning curve a little challenging. However, with practice, it can become a valuable asset so yes, it’s suitable for beginners.

Q] Can I use Kadence AI with other page builders?

Kadence AI is designed to work seamlessly with WordPress but sadly, as of now, there’s no integration with popular page builders like Elementor & Divi.

Final Thoughts: Kadence AI Review – A Hype or Helpful?

If I’ve to put it in just one word; it's seriously helpful.

Based on my experience (after which I've written this Kadence AI review & Kadence AI Tutorial), I can say that Kadence AI helps get started quickly.

Considering the use case, it’s a game-changer for small business owners, freelancers & agency owners.

Despite minor drawbacks like the learning curve and the need for additional credits, the pros far outweigh the cons.

To me, it seems a very promising tool & if you’re like me and want to streamline your website-building process with a touch of AI, Kadence AI is undoubtedly worth considering.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further assistance. I’m always here to help.

Last but not least, do me a favor by clicking on one of those social icons below as you’re good at it (I know that 😉).

Don’t think much as it’s free for you & it will be helpful for me.


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